Seven Days in Silverglen is a sapphic monstergirl romcom about pining, adulting and the masks we all wear to fit in.You can read the ongoing webcomic on webtoon.

Always Human is a soft sci-fi romance that follows the developing relationship between two young women in a future where body-modification technology is ubiquitous.You can read the complete webcomic on webtoon.The complete series is now available in print from Little Bee Books, with season 1 published as Always Human and season 2 pubished as Love and Gravity.

Aerial Magic is a gentle, low-stakes fantasy following the ordinary days of an apprentice witch and her friends.The webcomic was left on indefinite hiatus after two seasons, for reasons detailed here and here.Despite this, I'm still very fond of the webcomic in it's incomplete state. It's available to read on webtoon.

Ari North is an author/illustrator who creates queer, romantic, fantasy/sci-fi webcomics.She is represented by Maria Vicente.